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Tuesday, September 21


sold out

hi all, semua shawl and inner scarf dah sold out. for time being this blogshop gona be on hiatus. ill update very soon. thank you for supporting :)

Thursday, August 5


Sale ! Sale ! Sale !

Rm15 for 2 items
(RM 20 for 3 items if pay in 24hr)

available : B,C,E

Red ranting

Purple ranting

Available : B,C,D,E

Tuesday, June 29

Futurama batch

Futurama a [sold],b,c,d,e

futurama love - booked

Material : cotton lembut
RM10 each (not including NUR inner scarf)

Pelangi Batch

pelangi a,b-booked,c,d,e[sold]

pelangi c,e[sold]

pelangi d,a

pelangi b

RM10 each
(not including NUR inner scarf)

NUR inner scarf v2

design a

design b

design c,d

design e,f,g

design a,b,c,d,e,f,g - available

NUR inner scarf pada mannequin , lebih sensible :)
only RM10

Sunday, June 13

NUR inner scarf

TV personalities wearing 3 layer inner scarf
source : google

price RM10 each

three layered inner scarf
jersey material

3 layered Color

Saturday, June 12

NUR inner scarf

malam ni, kalau sempat saya akan upload new arrival, lets call it NUR INNER SCARF. inner scarf yang in-market especially worn by tv personality :). im offering the cheapest price ,only rm10 . inner scarf ni 3 layer-like it? wait up tonight. b'cuz its a limited stock .

Tuesday, June 8


Check out pattern scarf ( long shawl) on sale price :

Ranting Red - RM9 (sale price)
Ranting purple - RM9 (sale price)

*all sale items is on regular postage rate

Thursday, April 15

Ranting batch

Promotion for this month

Buy 1 for RM12
buy 2 for RM22
save RM 2 !!
(applicable for all item priced RM12)


Material : Georgette (sgt senang bentuk & tak perlu gosok)
Type : Long shawl /long scarf

RECOMMENDED - corak cantik & material bagus

only RM12


Ranting Red - available

Ranting purple - available

Ranting green - sold

Ranting black - sold

color : yellow1, turqo blue2, light purple3, blue4


Ranting yellow1 -sold

Ranting turqo blue2 - sold

Ranting light purple3 - sold

Ranting blue4 - sold